Business For Sale Cornwall

Renowned for its delicious pasties, stunning coastline and breathtaking beaches, Cornwall is a popular choice for a holiday destination.  However there is more to this magnificent county than tourism and hospitality – Cornwall is a great place to start a business.

It’s always daunting when setting up a business.  There are worries of whether your business will take off but in Cornwall there is no need to fear, the community welcomes new businesses with open arms.  The business network is very close and tight in Cornwall; people help each other out and support one another so if it’s the community you’re worried about, you’re basically worrying about milk that hasn’t been even been spilt.

Cornwall is home to many graduates as most students tend to stay in the area after completing their degrees.  What does this mean exactly?  There is a rich talent pool.  More talent means more business.

The county was awarded with Convergence status in 2007, despite having already received funding to try and resolve the bad economy.   The region received a further £415m and there is now a solid business-ready infrastructure in place.   In the current economic climate, the financial help available to businesses in Cornwall is very promising.

Support and guidance is available from Outset Cornwall, a programme that provides workshops to help turn that fantastic business idea of yours in to a successful new business…for free!

Thousands of SME’s are thriving in Cornwall and your business could be one of them if you buy a business in this beautiful coastal area.